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I Spy

Im currently on a John Le Carre binge. Any other book/author suggestions? I dunno...been curling up in a coffee shop longer than usual just to read while loving my favorite soy cappuccino. Im running out of books, and I was thinking of going shopping either late today or tomorrow morning.


Thanks guys.

Book Club

During winter break I finally came across a copy of "Phoenix and Ashes" at a local bookstore. I obviously never got around to reading it, although I have had every intention of doing so. In having this book in my hand, it occurred to me that our lovely little bookclub has essentially died. :( In the spirit of a new year, is there anyone out there who would like to try this again? As for myself, I would definitely be interested in trying this again. I just read "The Fairy Godmother" by Mercedes Lackey, thoroughly enjoying this light, fun read.

Any thoughts about trying this again? I'd even be willing to choose a few books that we could vote on. :)

Female Rights of Passage

I'd like to recommend two books... seeing as this book group has gone strangely silent in recent months.

1. Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides

2. Cats Eye - Margaret Atwood

These are both very powerful books dealing with female rights of passage. Middlesex, whilst being very explicitly about gender and sexuality, still is much more about finding your way throught society and finding your own place. Cats Eye on the other hand is very much about coming to terms with the person you were in childhood, and being able to reconcile these two halves of yourself in an attempt to form a unified whole.

Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons

Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons

This is probably the funniest book I've ever read. I've recently revisited it and it's still as hilarious as ever. It's like a parody of every Jane Austen/Bronte/gothic novel you've ever read without ever being downright stupid (although, the cows on the farm loosing random body parts and no one noticing is kind of stupid...)

I really think your lives would be improved by reading this book. It's just a total scream.

The Wizard of London by Mercedes Lackey

Since I loved Phoenix and Ashes so much by Mercedes Lackey I decided to read the next one in her Elemental Masters series. It took me 2.5 days. I was literally laughing out loud at parts. Rather than focusing on Magicians this book focuses on those with the extra sense of being psychics. I thought it was interesting because it delved into how frauds behaved and how no two psychics have exactly the same abilities. The ending was totally a bit cheesy but oh well. If you remember Lord Aldercroft from Phoenix and Ashes and his Master's Circle he's one of the characters everything revolves around.

Best part? Robin "Puck" Goodfellow! He was awesome and he is why I loved it even though he wasn't in the entire book. The main point was that Shakespeare didn't do him justice and he also finds it amusing to sneak into plays and perform as himself.

A nice light read, perfect for avoiding studying for final exams.

Phoenix and Ashes

Are we going to discuss this? This was the first fantasy book I have read in about ten years.

Sorry for not posting behind a cut!! I didn't realise we still had so long to go before discussing it. I know there was another post with questions to discuss but thought if I made a new post it would appear in peoples' flists and would be more likely to generate discussion. Sorry!

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It was a fun, escapist read and I enjoyed it. It was also easy to read which is always a relief for me. I'd really like to hear what regular readers of fantasy thought of it? I have not read a single Harry Potter book even, so a lot of the subject matter was all new to me.

Eleanore's Tarot training

I thought this would be a fun little quiz to use as a discussion about Eleanore's Tarot training. Find out what card you are and then relate it to what Eleanore went through in the book.


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I finished Phoenix and Ashes and hopefully all of you are getting a start on it.  This will be the post where you can discuss the book.  Feel free to come up with your own questions but here are some that I have:
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Have you ever read a book that you find yourself wanting to carry on reading even when there are no further pages other than the blank ones at the end? Well, that's exactly how I felt as I put down the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova today.

This gothic and atmospheric book essentially follows our narrator through a journey of discovery, through a series of letters, documents and storys retold. The tale is of three generations of historians each gifted with a mysterious book - which seems to show some dark and dangerous paths back to their origins in the hands of the one and only Vlad Tepes - aka Dracula.

The letters lead a tale through mystery and libraries across the world, centering on the grim landscapes of Eastern Europe - and how gloriously those landscapes are described. Having recently returned from a tour of Eastern Europe myself, I had no problems picturing many of the wonderful places that Kostova so perfectly describes, but even the Countries that I have not had the pleasure to visit are also easily imaginable.

What results from these wonderful descriptions, and the well researched and substantiated medieval history that Kostova describes is one seriously addictive, highly atmospheric, thrilling novel that you absolutely can not put down! I highly recommend this book to all. Yes, it is a little dark and disturbing in places. And yes, the manner in which the story unfolds (through the course of letters and documents) can perhaps be a little confusing to some (I know my mother got a little confused!), but this novel is so rich and indulgent that you can't help the curiosity of finding out more!

And hopefully you'll be as sad when it's finished as I am. Not because of the nature of the tale. But because I could continue to read Kostova's well written verse for a long long time yet!

Wee Free Men

Just curious, did anyone get a chance to read it or any of the ones I recommended? I'd like to know what you thought, ya bigjobs!! *ahem*