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Phoenix and Ashes

Are we going to discuss this? This was the first fantasy book I have read in about ten years.

Sorry for not posting behind a cut!! I didn't realise we still had so long to go before discussing it. I know there was another post with questions to discuss but thought if I made a new post it would appear in peoples' flists and would be more likely to generate discussion. Sorry!

I thought it all unraveled a bit at the end, I was disappointed to not learn anything about Eleanor's tutor, except who it was, and I thought some of the tarot cards were rushed through.

I thought Lackey did paint an interesting picture of how WWI and magic could have interacted though. And I felt attached to Eleanor and Reggie. I felt their victory was a bit cheap though, and didn't find her escape from the maze very satisfying.

Lackey's writing style reads a bit like fan-fiction (from what tiny amounts of fan-fiction I've read!!).

It was a fun, escapist read and I enjoyed it. It was also easy to read which is always a relief for me. I'd really like to hear what regular readers of fantasy thought of it? I have not read a single Harry Potter book even, so a lot of the subject matter was all new to me.


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Dec. 1st, 2006 03:09 pm (UTC)
If you look back at the last two posts those are the discussion areas for us all to go back to :) I have one for Tarot and the other is just some general questions.

Can you put the rest of this behind a cut in case a person is still reading? They still have the rest of the month I believe.

But in any case I do agree that I wish I learned more about her tutor and why she was chosen. Also the victory over Alison was a bit disappointing but at the same time it makes Reggie and Eleanore seem more human. They were weak and barely holding on and learned to use their enemy elements to save themself.

It wasn't the most in depth fantasy but it was still a good one for a light read where you could connect with the characters.

Go read Harry Potter!
Dec. 1st, 2006 04:46 pm (UTC)
:O :O :O You haven't read Harry Potter?! You must go now and do it! If you even remotely thought this story was okay, then you'll be blown away by HP. :)
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